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Who We Are
NCAA Dynasty League Explained

For all new prospective coaches that are viewing our site, we would like to give you a brief history on our league, and how it has become the best NCAA Football Gaming Community since 2004. It is important to note that we are not a EA hosted online dynasty, but a full 120 Simulation style league with 120 different coaches and all of the Bowl Games / Player Awards / and Coaches Polls. A brief look into the NDL is below:

NCAA Dynasty League - History
The NCAA Dynasty League was formed in the late spring of 2004. Seeking to create a league that stood out from the pack as an outstanding league dedicated not only to fair and mature gameplay, but also to set the standard for every other online league.

In the process of creating an exemplary place for online gaming, a community was achieved. On the field of battle, championships were won and lost. Champions were crowned, legends were made, and the thrill of victory was conjoined with the despair of defeat to create a symbiotic union; this is the NDL.

Typical Season in the NDL
Preseason: First, all teams that did are not "Dynasty" are entered into a live draft pool, where coaches then select the team of thier choice from the pool. The draft order is determined by the previous seasons "Coach Score". More on that in a little bit. As teams are drafted, the list will become shorter and shorter, until all teams are drafted. Once all spots have been filled, we open up our Custom Out Of Conference Scheduling Tool (OOC - See Below) for all teams to fill the open spots on the teams schedule.

During The Season: The NDL plays 12 regular season games over a virtual 14 week time frame, and the OOC allows for coach rivalries, scheduling "cupcakes", and allowing those big head to head matchups. Once all the schedules are completed, the Admins will open up games in 2 week increments for play. After each block of games is completed, all the coaches in the league can submit their Coaches Top 25 Poll, which is hosted here on the site, and utilizes a drag and drop method with all teams available for you to select. Once we hit Week 8, we release our BCS Standings (which features input from an actual BCS computer that the real NCAA uses).

Post Season: At the end of the season, all teams that are bowl eligible are entered into the bowl game affiliated with the conference position they finished, and all bowl games are played. All American teams are announced, player and coach awards are handed out, and the overall Coach Score is calculated. To see a history of all of our past seasons, click the HISTORY link above to view team records, award winners, video highlights, etc. Once all games are finalized, and we have a new champion, the Coach Score is given to each coach. Your Coach score is made up of the following parts: Participation, Scouting, and Season Success. Participation is how active you are during the season. If you submit all of your Weekly Polls, Fill out all of your player stats, and do your game recaps you will get a perfect score for Participation. Scouting comes into play after each game. Each coach fills out a Coach Report on how they feel their opponent played the game. We strive for fair gameplay here in the NDL, and this is each coaches opportunity to let their opponent know how they can improve on the virtual gridiron. We typically see excellent scores in this portion of the Coach Score, typically above 90%. The final portion is your Season Success. Each team has different goals, and how well you perform dictates your score. As can be expected Ohio State, Florida, Alabama, and Oklahoma are going to have a little bit tougher goals than Ohio, Memphis, Temple, or Colorado State. Once all these are combined in a 40%-40%-20% format (Scouting-Participation-Season Success), the Coach Score is determined. Your Coach Score must meet or exceed your teams rating on NCAA Football for you to not get "fired" from your position. If you made the grade, you have the option to stay at your current school, or to move on to the draft to try to advance your career. The following seasons draft order will be made by sorting the Coach Scores from highest to lowest. The Cycle then repeats.

In order to allow for the ratings difference in NCAA Footbal, the NDL rewards a team from the Sun Belt for getting to 7 wins, yet will hurt the coach that only wins 7 with Alabama, Ohio State or Florida. Many past coaches have been able to turn one year stints at a smaller WAC / MAC / MWC school into a leap to one of the BCS Big Boys.

NDL Forum
The central hub of the NDL, our forums serve as a way for fellow NDL members to interact with one another, schedule their weekly games, and discuss a variety of different topics. Want to talk about the game last night? Are you searching for a scrimmage or a ladder game? Is there a hot-button topic going on in the world and you want to see what your fellow NDL members think about it? The only rule we enforce our forums is that you be understanding and caring for your fellow NDLers. Bad-mouthing and demeaning posts will not be tolerated so be forewarned.

League Statistics (New)
Like most Sports Websites (ESPN, CNNSI, FoxSports) team and player statistics are a huge portion of telling the story of how the season has progressed. Starting October 31, 2010 the NDL moved to a custom statistic tracking program hosted on site. User Coaches can now enter in the player and team stats for the game they just played, and have it displayed back by the game or totals. Coaches also can enter in game recaps that are usually done in a news style format, and those are posted to the game boxscore page. We now fully contain everything on our own website outside of the Massey Ratings. Team and Player Stats per game or by the season, league leaders in all tracked stat categories can now be browsed on our system. By hosting onsite, we can continue to add bits and pieces to it to fully integrate into the rest of our site. Feel free to browse around by clicking on the "STATS" link above.. - Statistics (Prior to 10-31-2010)
If you've ever played in an on-line league before (Madden or NCAA) then you are probably quite familiar with League Daddy. If not League Daddy is a website which we utilize to keep track of team records, team stats, and player stats. It also allows users to enter recaps for there NDL games and post team news articles throughout the season. We have been using League Daddy for the past 5 years and we greatly appreciate what it has done for the NDL. Without League Daddy all of the extras that make the NDL the league it is would not be possible.

Coach Reports & Voting
Another feature which makes the NDL so unique, our coaching report application (created by our very own NCSUholmey) allows our members to rate each of their opponents gameplay based on 5 criteria: offensive play and formation variety, defensive play and formation variety, coaching realism, knows and follows the NDL rules, and overall grade. At the end of each season these reports are sent out to our members via e-mail so they know what they were doing right and wrong, and how to improve their gameplay.

Along with the ability to enter coaching reports, coaches are also able to vote in the weekly NDL polls. Featuring an easy to use pop-up menu or a new drag and drop method, NDL members are able to quickly enter in their top 25 teams and receive instant confirmation that their poll was recorded. We also have a member who updates a voting aid every week prior to the polls being opened to make things even easier and more convenient.

Hall of Fame
The Hall of Fame is a place where NDL members are able to relive past seasons, glory, and accomplishments. Each coach’s Hall of Fame page includes a list of the teams they have coached, their lifetime NDL win-loss record, rivalry and championship trophies, their bowl game history, All-Americans they have coached, and player awards. The Hall of Fame is generally updated in late spring prior to the release of the next NCAA game.

Massey Ratings
The Massey Ratings have been used by the NCAA as one of the computer components in their BCS formula for years; they are also used by the NDL. Starting in week 8 each season Kenneth creates ratings for the NDL based on the stats and records found on our League Daddy page. It gives the NDL an added sense of realism to our BCS formula and is something which no other NCAA leagues can claim to have; just another perk of the NDL.

Custom Scheduling
Another feature which can only be found in the NDL is the ability to schedule your own out-of-conference games with our one of a kind out-of-conference scheduling application (another NCSUholmey production). Prior to the start of each new season we allow our members to fill the remainder of their schedules with anyone they choose -- as long as they share the same open weeks of course. This allows some very intriguing match-ups to occur. This past season we had Florida travel to “The ‘Shoe” to take on Ohio State and LSU go to the Coliseum to do battle with the Trojans; the possibilities are endless.

Ladder Matches
Sometimes our members want their scrimmages to mean something more than just a good old pat on the back; that’s where the Ladder comes into play. If you want to showcase your skills against fellow NDL members, the Ladder is the place for you. The Ladder keeps tracks of wins and loses and allows the rest of the league to see where each member ranks. Did you have to play Texas with Rice last season and feel you could have pulled off the win if you had even teams? Challenge him to a ladder game and let the results speak for themselves.

The Farm
As word spread about the NDL and its popularity grew, so did the demand to become a part of the NDL. JeffMo, the founder of the NDL, decided that in order to meet demand and ensure a solid basis of players for years to come that a minor league system had to be made; enter the Farm.

The Farm plays a huge part in helping to keep the NDL alive. It’s a place where we mold lobby players into NDL quality coaches and get them acquainted with our gameplay style and rules. Without the Farm the NDL cannot survive which is why we make sure it is run by committed, experienced NDL members who can show the members of the Farm exactly what is expected of them in order to eventually become a part of the NDL.

Coaches Area
We have put together a quick news article that expands on the features available to our coaches: NDL Coaches Area. Take a look and see some of the additional areas of the website available to active NDL Coaches.

If you feel as though you are ready to join the NDL, please FILL OUT AN APPLICATION. Your application will be filed and when an opening is available in the Farm, spots will be filled from the applications that we have on file.

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