November 19th, 2019 3:18PM
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Big XII at a glance

Here is a run down of our coaches and their NDL history.

Oklahoma Sooners
The Sooners are coached by Dolemitesooner. I want to congratulate him on getting his team and hope he has a good season. Dole came in to the league during season 7 and compiled a 33 - 123 record over 14 seasons before taking a 7 season hiatus. He came back in the league with a vengeance recording his best season record by far with the Hawaii' Warriors in season 27. He guided the Warriors to an 11 - 2 mark and is looking to make a run with his boys from Norman.

Texas Longhorns
IceMorbid takes the bull by the horns in season 28. In just 3 seasons in the NDL, IceMorbid has put together an impressive 36 - 4 record. He will be one to watch this season as he has a team that is very capable of winning it all. After all he did go 13 - 1 with Wake Forest in a stacked ACC conference last season.

Baylor Bears
bearass has been around the NDL since season 2. He has multiple double digit win seasons including last season with this same Baylor Bears team. He has a 178 - 138 regular season record in his NDL career and should be in the running for the conference championship and National championship.

Kansas State Wildcats
autiger730 leads the Wildcats on the field this season and looks to make a splash. His NDL regular season record is 89 - 87 with flashes of greatness sprinkled in among the disappointing seasons. He has 3 double digit winning seasons with his best season coming in season 19 where he guided the East Carolina Pirates to an 11 - 2 mark. He should have fun in Manhattan with the Wildcats offense.

Texas Tech Red Raiders
Ole' Swelly guides the Red Raider's high flying attack this season. He came into the league in season 23 and has a 30 - 33 record in the NDL. Texas Tech is always a team you have to look out for and with this years game favoring the offense, swellvermin may make some noise.

TCU Horned Frogs
relio95 looks to improve his 41% winning percentage this season with a solid TCU team. He has been in the league since season 2 taking one break from season 5 - 12. His season record is 91 - 128. His best record came with West Virginia in season 4 when he had a 9 - 3 record. He hasn't had a winning season since season 20 though. Maybe he can turn things around and have a break out season 28.

Iowa State Cyclones
Coach knappy83 will guide the Cyclones on the gridiron during season 28. Knapp will find it tough to improve his 23- 38 overall season record with this Iowa State team. He will win some games though and looks to play spoiler in conference play.

Kansas Jayhawks
BEEEEEEFFFYYYY!! What else needs to be said? Sirloin has been a staple in the NDL since season 2. It isn't about overall record with the legend, its about gamesmanship and having fun. It is always a pleasure to have a mic game with beefy and a blast to play GTA with him.

Oklahoma State Cowboys
shiftdnb takes the reigns of the Cowboys this season and will be a team to contend with. In 21 seasons shift has a 152 - 106 record and knows how to win. He will be near or at the top of the conference at the end of the season.

West Virginia Mountaineers
MrChampagne3 has been in the league for 2 seasons and has a 16 - 10 record. He returns to the Mountaineers after going 7 - 6 with them last season. After starting the season 0-4 that was quite an accomplishment. He is a wildcard in the conference as we do not know his full potential being the conference newbe.

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