February 18th, 2020 8:13PM
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The Bottom 10 (Block 4)

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Welcome to the Bottom 10, where we highlight the Other Guys. Remember that poor fellow that got 35'd by Mike? That coach that plays his games like a trooper but is good for 5 INTs a game? This is where they get the love! The backbone of the league right here fellas! Lets (Minimum 5 games played)

[size=150]#10 Tennessee (2-5)[/size] -
Wasted makes his triumphant return to the Bottom 10! But lets be real, Tennessee looks forward to one week... the last one when they get that awesomesauce sim win against JSence & Kentucky, though this year's victim may be Auburn. I mean, the Vols got beat by Georgia St.... Hmm.. yeah. Welcome back buddy!

[size=150]#9 Arky St. (2-6)[/size]
Vikes and the Red Wolves continue to live in the upper echelon of this list. Can they avoid another bowl drought in a beat up conference? Probably not. Speaking of beat up conferences... everyone in the Sun Belt currently has a losing record except Texas St. Which is the only reason I didn't put the whole damn conference here.

[size=150]#8 Cal (1-5)[/size]
Coaches around the league keep telling me they don't see how Gambit and the Bears are stuck in the cellar this year. I'm not fully ready to buy it, School Rival be damned. They're closest margin of loss was 10, and they're one victory came against the next team on this list.

[size=150]#7 Oregon St. (1-6)[/size]
The whipping boys continue to multiply in the Pac 12 this year. Oregon St. is the most recent victim being outscored by 100 points through 7 games. On paper, wins against NIU & Virginia (via sim or otherwise) should get the beavs off the list, but then again, that's on paper...

[size=150] #6 Akron (1-5)[/size]
Akron keeps chugging along in the MAC, fighting off Bowl ineligibility, provided they ever get a game in. All the games he has gotten in are against the "Top Tier" talent of the MAC. Which means it's probably going to be a coin flip on the rest of these games for poor MCX.

[size=150] #5 Northwestern (1-7)[/size]
Ol' Swelly and the Wildcats finally took themselves out of the running for the old Golden Goose Egg! And they even did it against a team with a better grade! *Sniff* I'm so proud! Swelly finally gonna get that RESPECK! He's got game like EA! Oh wait...

[size=150] #4 UMass (0-5)[/size]
We all knew it was a matter of time. Uuaww is back, though his trademark Green Wave is not. Enter the minutemen of UMass! To their credit, a close 1 point loss to AJ & UCF and a 7 point loss to new team ambassador Indiana make this a slightly biased placement for the new guys. But hey, 5 game minimum, 0 wins tallied = Golden Goose Egg contender!

[size=150] #3 Iowa St. (0-8)[/size]
Workman is a testament to his own name. A working man. He works through those losses. The turnovers. The 400 yards a game. The Decimation. A true NDL Soldier. Kudos to you good sir, not to mention you don't play any of the fellas below, so we may have to come up with a new name for a group of Goose Eggs. I'm excited!

[size=150] #2 Purdue (0-9)[/size]
Purdue is currently closest to ye olde goose egg, averages a solid 3 turnovers a game is and is on a collision course with the Toilet Bowl. I've dubbed him the potential leader of the Tribunal of Terrible. Little something I came up with if we have more than 2 Toilet Bowl candidates.

[size=150] #1 Michigan (0-7)[/size]
Last but definitely least... Johnny. I've actually come to the conclusion that this is what happens when a MSU fan goes to a direct rival to try and not only beat his brother, who whoops his ass on annual basis, but to try and get said team out of his cold dead hands. I honestly think Johnny just wants to have these guys at the #1 spot because he secretly hates them. I mean what does he have to play for at this point? He already lost to MSU. Nothing else to do but make the Wolvies look turrible. Grats to you sir!


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