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NDL Next 25: Block 4

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This one's a day behind due to the holiday. Sorry Folks.

#26 Nebraska 106
Red & Co have done an excellent job bouncing back after falling out of the Top 25 recently. However since conference play started, the Huskers have been on a tear, and recently took out #4 Michigan St. The 3 remaining conference games make for a very solid chance to make the Big 10 title game, an there's no way in hell you people shouldn't have Nebraska on your radar. Trending: Way the hell up!

#27 Kentucky 97
Kentucky's success directly relates to Jsence's ability to play games. He gotten all the cupcakes out the way, but we're almost at a full schedule and he's played ZERO conference games. Even so, undefeated appears to draw the voters attention. We'll see if he ends up with a decent record or goes the route of a 3-9 ragequit. Trending: Undetermined

#28 Virginia 95,
Gpaul is the product of a lack of undefeated. Someone with two games played this far in to the season should not be getting votes... however, undefeated is undefeated... how long will it last? Depends on how many games Paul and the Cavs plan on playing in the next couple weeks. Trending:Flat

#29 Texas Tech 87,
The Red Raiders were surging before they hit he immovable object known as Big Mike, but has bounced back in a big way scoring a huge upset over this year's Big Mike killer Baylor. Look for them to crack the top 25 barring a beatdown from Texas. Trending: Up

#30 Ohio 39,
With so many teams dropping 2-3 games this season, our BCS busters are starting to make an appearance. Enter Big Ry and the Bobcats, who haven't played many games, but then again, this is the MAC we're talking about here. Not many games get played to begin with. Provided Ry can get coaches scheduled, and continue the momentum, he should be popping in to a top 25 that is already full sinking BCS ships in the near future. Worst case he goes 11-1 on 9 sim wins. Trending: Up

#31 Northern Illinois 32
Ry's path is blocked by two potential BCS busters that hail from the MAC. One being UF and the Huskies. There's a ton of winnable games on the board for NIU, question is, will they get played? If UF can squeeze a few of these in before the sims come calling, I could see a top 25 spot available for these guys before bowl season. Trending: Up
#32 Kent State 25,
Unlike most of his MAC brethren, Phreakk has managed to get half his games in, and is currently undefeated in conference. Provided he's doing his due diligence, he should be on cruise control to the MAC Championship. I'm sure Phreakk wants back into a BCS conference, and looking good with the flashes is a easy meal ticket. Trending: Up

#33 Boston College 19
BC was on a pretty good up trend til they hit the wall of UNC & Pimpin'. The remaining games are a race against sim wins to get some quality wins and boost the confidence of the voters. The Eagles could very easily go 8-4, but it's unknown now if that'll get them in to the Top 25. Trending: Down
#34 Florida Atlantic 16
Gonna go out on a limb and assume people were voting for either FSU or Florida... PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE! Smh Trending: GTFO

#35 Missouri 16
No games played since week 5... not too sure if this is a struggle with opponents, or a disinterest in the team in question, but so long as they keep that 1 lone loss, they'll garner minor attention from the old school BCS biased voters. Trending: Unknown

#36 Louisiana State 15
Coach Block and the Tigers are in a free fall right now, and are in legitimate danger of missing a bowl game. All 4 losses have been upsets, and all that remains are tough conference opponents in Arkansas, Bama, Florida, & Texas A&M. Simply put, it's not a good look for the Tigers right now. Trending: Down

#37 Boise State 9
Boise's most recent victory was against a reeling LSU team, that could have gotten them more attention had they played a few more games. Nonetheless, a 3-1 record got a few voter's attention, but playing in a non BCS conference means that the wins need to pile up, and fast, if they have any hope of moving up in the world. Trending: Steady

#38 Duke 9
Duke has one game played... Full season is open in a week? Yeah, good luck there buddy. Trending: Unknown

#39 Air Force 3
Air Force and Nightwing have some time to get it together, but they're at a crossroads right now, so it's hard to say which direction they'll go. Could they sim out? Lose out? Win out? It can go either way right now, and ball is in Air Force's hands. Trending: Inconclusive

#40 Mississippi 2,
The rebels got off to a hot start, but floundered as of late outside of a donkey stomping of LSU which may keep Thabeet employed if a few breaks come his way. With a few winnable games left this year, look for Ole miss to try and push for a bowl game and save their coach's job. But don't expect another push for the top 25. That ship has sailed. Trending: Down

#41 NC State 1
We were all waiting for that one game that Holmey would pull out and smoke a tough cookie, and it came against Wake Forest. However, he's dropped two games since and hasn't played much to offer a sample size of what's to come. Some voter out there loves them some wolfpack though! Trending: Down

#42 Clemson 1
Not sure what an 0-1 top tier team could do to garner a vote, but hey, different strokes for different folks. This screams 0-12, Clemson fans, get ready for the draft! Trending: Off the damn radar...

#43 Stanford 1
Stanford has been way to up and down to get any votes this year, and as soon as momentum is built up, it's shot down by an anemic defense, or a well deserved ass whooping. It would take a miracle to get to the top 25, but I doubt they'll be on this list even if they win out their rivalry block at the end of the season. Trending: Flat

#44 Texas 1
Texas got some love for beating... Iowa St? WVU? okay. Lets beat some big name programs and revisit this next week. Trending Inconclusive.

#45 Navy
Navy just recently scored a monster upset over #3 Georgia, and at 5-3 have an outside shot at making some noise in the polls. Especially with teams dropping like flies this year. If they can maintain momentum, I have no problem voting for these guys on the back end! Trending: Up

#46 Vandy
Vandy just took out two top 5 teams and probably hit their win goal for the year already. A ho hum 3-3 record makes it hard for the pollers to notice, but at the same time, it's hard not to notice when they've single-handedly mucking up the BCS championship picture. Trending: Up

#47 Miami (OH)
Their only loss this season comes from a ranked opponent, and if they can knock off Kent St or Ohio and make the championship, they could make some serious noise in the polls with only 1 loss. Trending: Steady

#48 UConn
UConn is still very much in the mix for the first ever AAC championship trophy, but they'll need some help, and a win over Louisville to keep themselves alive. Doing so may actually get them some votes... provided they don't drop anymore games this year. Trending: Flat

#49 Iowa
After flipflopping wins and losses all season, Iowa has managed a 2 game win streak at last. They did so in big fashion upending #13 Wisky in a barn burner. 4 losses make it hard to make the top 25, but the direction this years going, they could still snag some votes and move up this list.

#50 Indiana
Indiana has yet to notch a Big 10 win, but still remains over .500, and could be a candidate to move up, provided they get their act together. Trending: Flat


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