January 24th, 2020 12:01PM
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The Bottom 10 (Block 3)

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Welcome to the Bottom 10, where we highlight the Other Guys. Remember that poor fellow that got 35'd by Mike? That coach that plays his games like a trooper but is good for 5 INTs a game? This is where they get the love! The backbone of the league right here fellas! Lets get started. (Minimum 5 games played)

[size=150]#10 Utah (2-4)[/size] -
Utah isn't even that bad of a team. Michael got off to a good start, going 2-1, however the Pac-12 has not been kind to Coach Michael in recent years. After being batted around by the other Pac 12 Vets at Cal, the move to Utah has not yet yielded a better dividend. Statistically however, there's no glaring weaknesses, as the Utes have lost by an average of less than a touchdown a game. Pretty sure someone more better suited for this list will show up next week.

[size=150]#9 Arky St. (2-4)[/size] -
The NDL's resident Sun Belt vet MVikes is back at it again with Arky St. and has quickly found himself at the bottom looking up. Again, to his credit, Vikes has no real glaring stats... outside of a dismal 3 1/2 turnovers a game. And when you losing by 9 pts a game, 1 turnover is easily the swinging point in any of those loses.

[size=150]#8 Akron (1-4)[/size] -
MCX and the Zips are a bad team in a bad conference, but in their defense Akron's opponent's record 14-8, and for a 1-4 team, they aren't all that bad stat wise... Ah the joys of Mediocrity. Perhaps if the defense ever shows some life in this game Akron can trend their way out of this hell hole.

[size=150]#7 ULL (0-5)[/size] -
13 pts a game and 2+ turnovers is a recipe for disaster. Coach Crimson and ULL have scored 7 pts in the last two games. The Cajun put in their app for the SEC by challenging 4 different SEC foes this year, and this ranking goes a long way to show just what the SEC thinks of them.

[size=150]#6 TCU (1-4)[/size] -
Why in the seven hells is TCU on this list? Coach Reign and TCU have had a tough go of it as of late, even with the fact that they've managed to create more turnovers than they've given up, they've stil only managed to win 1 game. They've had the doors blown off of them by Texas Tech, lost to Iowa, Oklahoma and SMU. Based on two of those contests, one has to wonder just who the rising power in Texas is... For this year it ain't TCU.

[size=150]#5 Memphis (1-5)[/size] -
Memphis is turning the ball over at almost a 3:1 ratio in takeaways. Couple that with a 10 point average margin of loss and you have a pretty bad time for any coach. They benefit from being in the friendly, "old boys club" known as the AAC, but that does not stop Nick and co from catching the smack down on a rather frequent basis. But hey, they beat Buffalo... so they got that going for them!

[size=150]#4 Cal (1-5)[/size] -
Cal managed to get out of the goose egg column and take themselves out of the early running for a toliet bowl crown. Cal has been the whipping boy thus far for the Pac-12, and this seems to be a recurring issue. We keep hearing that Coach 6ft is a fan of this team, but we don't him walking through that door anytime soon. As such, the destruction will continue, and most Pac 12 teams can rest assured, it could always be worse, you could be a golden bear...

[size=150]#3 Iowa St (0-6)[/size] -
Or even further off, you could be a cyclone... Iowa St is the Big 12's California, and is currently losing games by an average of two touchdowns. On top of that, they're giving up an average of 418 yards per game, which is good for 5th worst in the country surprisingly. Workman and ISU are living dangerously and flirt with rendering themselves ineligible for bowl competition in the coming weeks. Perhaps they can use that as motivation to turn things around.

[size=150]#2 Purdue (0-6[/size] -
ISU is the Big 12 as Purdue is to the Big 10. Niddler and co have a game coming up against a rather bitter Sammy who's gonna be heated after a couple of tough losses recently, and things just don't sit well, to top that off, they have to host a extremely tough Buckeye team in the coming days. On the bright side, they shouldn't have any other ranked opponents after this... but they most likely won't have any bowl to look forward to outside of ye old squatter.

[size=150]#1 Northwestern (0-7)[/size] -
Lastly we have our first true contender for the Toilet Bowl this year! Grats to Swelly and the Wildcats for making it this far? Can they hold out? Can they reach the land of the all-defeateds? They have Utah St. left, but then again... they lost to Hawaii, coached by Dole no less, and managed to lost 7-9... yikes. Northwestern has truly earned their status as number one contender for the toilet bowl. Stay tuned for more coverage in the coming weeks from the bottom.


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