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NDL Next 25: Block 1

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#26 Oregon 267
Apparently some people seemed to think that losing to Mississippi & edging out Ball St. was so bad, that the Ducks did not deserve ranking. Taking a huge hit after the upset, they fell from a rather lofty #13 spot. By my best estimates this cold shoulder by the voters has placed a chip the size of Portland on 6ft's shoulder, resulting in a couple of quality wins over PSU & Cal. As such I expect Oregon to return to the top 25 in the very near future. Trending: Up

#27 Louisville 239
Louisville picked up quite the win in a barn burner against UNC, but has been quiet since then. A rival win over Kentucky, who knocked off #25 Washington in a thriller of their own, could go a long ways to getting Louisville back on the charts. Trending: Up

#28 Wake Forest 233
Ice and the Deacs continue their tear through OOC, as conference play begins. While a win over the Redhawks ain't doing much, taking out an SEC opponent (albeit a candidate for the bottom of the barrel at this point) will certainly continue to help his rising stock. The real tests begin in Block 3 however, with a visit to Clemson and a matchup against Holmey. Trending: Off the Charts!

#29 Indiana 203
Peay and Hoosiers have enjoyed their time as ambassadors of the NDL having relatively exciting games with the newcomers through the first few weeks. Sadly, OOC play is drawing to a close and reality is most likely ready to smack Indy in the face. Trending: Down

#30 Air Force 170
Nightwing and his Falcons (almost like a pun isn't it?) have made some early noise by taking out the Noles of South Florida & Utah St. However, a tough matchup against Boise will tell the voters all they need to know for next week. Take out the giant of the MWC, and credibility is theirs for the taking. Drop this game, or even lose to Wyoming and they may be waiting a while for that breakthrough. Trending: Up

#31 Houston 160
Randawg has been fitting in quite nicely in the Old Boys club known as the AAC. Though he's only played one conference game he's shot out to a 4-0 start and should be a lock this week in the poles given the expected drop in undefeateds coming up. I could be wrong, but the immediate future for the Cougars is fairly bright, as the true tests don't start appearing until the back half of the season. Trending: Up

#32 Arizona 76
Coach Heel and the wildcats have gotten off to a rocky start, dropping games to TCU and BYU. Arizona will try to take advantage of a suddenly reeling Washington Huskies team in hopes to stay in the voters good graces... and keep themselves on this list for a while. Trending: Down

#33 Nebraska 74
After a beatdown at the hands of the Sooners, the Huskers and Coach Red seem to be finding their groove finally. The next 5 games or so could see Nebraska catapult themselves not only in to bowl eligibility, but right in to the top 25, provided they don't lose focus. Trending: Up

#34 Missouri 63
Coach Lytez is off to a strong start as well, and has gotten some voter attention. Georgia St should be self explanatory, but Vandy and a deceptive matchup with UNC will be the true test for the Tigers. Can Lytez use his desire to reclaim Tarheel Blue to continue his push up the charts? Trending: Up

#35 Kansas State 59
I'm thinking K-State was the product of being a 1-0 team during the vote, as a donkey stomping from Georgia likely crushed any immediate plans for ascension through the polls. However, the next matchups pit the Wildcats against Texas and Okie St. which doesn't bode well... on paper of course. However, a win against either of these top tier schools would certainly put Coach Chusker on the map. Trending: Undetermined

#36 Michigan 54
Despite only a lone loss to Texas A&M on record presently, the voters still have confidence in Johnny & the Wolverines. Early indications show that he has a chance to bounce back, especially if he can pull off a huge upset over Norte Dame in the coming weeks. Perhaps the voters are holding out some hope? I"m not buying just yet. Trending: Down

#37 Brigham Young 29
ICE and BYU have 2 credible wins against Pac 12 opponents, but also a credible loss to Nebraska. The remaining schedule is not too painfully rough until seasons end, and I expect the Cougars could be in contention for a spot in the very near future if they take care of business like they should. Trending: Above Average

#38 Arkansas State 24
An early season upset of Memphis got MVikes and the Red Wolves some voter attention early on, but being outscored 52-14 in the ensuing games does not make a contender out of you. I'm not seeing a jump in votes unless there's a big win streak from Arky St. Trending: Down

#39 Utah 21
Exciting games against Utah St & Oregon St have got a few voters attention, but a set back in the Holy War may stunt the potential of this underdog story. With remaining games against Louisville & UCLA, it's make or break time for Michael and the Utes. Trending: Undetermined

#40 Toledo 21
Not sure where this one was coming from... Toledo has yet to win a game this season, but has still managed to garner some love. They could still make a push for the MAC championship before things get to out of hand, but with no close losses, it's hard to keep up hope. Trending: Down

#41 Stanford 20
Early reports out of the Treesap camp show Coach Roc in the hotseat, but he's done well under pressure and bounced back from awful showings against Arizona St & Miami to knock off #10 LSU. Victories against the Washingtons could go a long ways to keep Stanford moving up this list. Trending: Moderate

#42 Navy 18
A huge upset of Maryland in week 1 didn't garner as much attention as Navy had hoped for, but an upset over ranked UConn and a competitive showing against South Carolina could make Navy in to a midseason sleeper for voters. With Georgia & Clemson coming in the 2nd half of the season, Navy will want to get those wins in now to establish a presence in the polls. Trending: Moderate

#43 Georgia Tech 17
Coach John lost his momentum right out the gate after a loss to LSU, and tumbled down toward the bottom of the Next 25. However the Yellow Jackets still control their own destiny with the polls. If they can bounce back from the tough loss and regain form in time for a conference run, we should see G-Tech fighting for position through the rest of the season Trending: Down

#44 Tennessee 16
For block 1, no news was good news for the vols, as they were upset by newcomer South Alabama. Wasted and co need to come up with wins very fast if they want to keep the voters attention past this week. Trending: Down

#45 Auburn 16
Auburn hasn't done much as of yet, which might be why they are still getting a few blind faith votes for now. In the short term, Auburn is more than capable of bouncing back, so their destiny remains in their hands for now. Trending: Undetermined

#46 Southern Methodist 10
Tfan and the Mustangs got off to a hot start, but many voters may not realize the fact that these guys are actually in a BCS conference right now. If they keep winning they won't be ignored for much longer, especially now that conference play is in full swing. I expect many more votes for them in this weeks poll. Trending: Up

#47 TCU 9
The Frogs have dropped 3 quick ones recently and are reeling at a very inopportune time now that conference play has begun. With a better than advertised SMU team, Texas and OSU on the horizon, things are not looking good for coach Reign. Trending: Down

#48 Central Florida 9
A win against central michigan was enough to get a few bones thrown at UCF, but a Ike Turnering courtesy of Alabama was the reality check that the voters needed. Coach AJ can bounce back in a conference that's practically up for grabs this year, but don't count on many more votes in the short term. Trending: Down

#49 NC State 8
No games, but still getting votes. That's how much love Holmey has gotten from the pollers thus far. Trending: Undetermined

#50 Boise St. 5
Boise fell to the bottom of the Next 25 after showing so much promise. It's been all quiet on the potato farms lately, as no games have been played since the beatdown at the hands of Baylor. Can Outlaw and the Broncos bounce back? Trending: Down


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