December 8th, 2019 10:54AM
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Will anyone go undefeated?

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We are in the middle of Weeks 5 and 6 and already some big names have lost. The question likely won't be will we have 3+ undefeated teams, it is will anyone go undefeated at all?

We'll take a look at all the conferences here.

Rolling: Virginia Tech- VT is quietly putting together a great season. He is already 4-0 and has a win over a ranked team. He seems to be one of the best owners that has grasped this version of the game well. He still has a long road ahead with games against Miami and Clemson coming up soon.

Unknown: Clemson- Deedub hasn't played yet and isn't talking on the boards. He is a perrenial bowl team and an occasional bcs bowl team but his road is too tough, not only does he still have 4 ranked games left but he also has a non-con at South Carolina.

Analysis: We could honestly be looking at no undefeated teams in the ACC by weeks 7-8. This is kinda a shock seeing how the ACC overall is maybe the worst bcs conference in the NDL. It is V-Tech or bust for this conference.

Big 12 (10)
Rolling: None

Unknown: Iowa St, Texas Tech, Kansas St, Missouri- None of these coaches have played more than 2 games and none have really wowed us this season. Texas and Oklahoma both were upset early but seemed to have gathered their composure and are now in stride. They will likely take out all of the undermatched undefeated teams.

Analysis: No one is going undefeated in the Big 12 (10), they are even less likely than the ACC if that's possible.

Big East
Rolling: None

Unknown: Louisville and Cincinnati- In one of the most evenly matched conferences, only 2 teams remain unbeaten, but neither has played many games. The one thing they have going for them is both Louisville and Cincinnati have big wins already on the season. Both UCWeiser and MCX are capable of making runs but driccio, doc and talented aren't going to let it happen. The guantlet will likely be too much for them and add to the fact that they both have tough non-cons left means it is unlikely to happen.

Analysis: Possible, but the chips are stacked against them.

Big 10 (1G)
Rolling: None

Unknown: Michigan St and Wisconsin- Awaiting the sleeping giant. Weasel has been good as of late, but he has never been perfect, He is expected to be in the mix but still has a long ways to go. The connection issue may be more of a problem than we realize. We also don't know how Big Mike will adapt to the new game. All the other big name coaches have had trouble on '12, will he follow suit?

Analysis: Impossible until Big Mike starts playing, his road is tough though, the Big 10 is stacked.

Conference USA
Analysis: With UAB losing to Tulane, everyone in C-USA has now lost.

Analysis: With BYU losing to Miss St, all Indy's have now lost.

Rolling: Western Michigan- is hugme the new flavor of the year? Johnny was last year, is it hugme's turn. We all know how good he is in NBA2k, but has in finally translated to NCAA? He made a huge splash by beating shel and LSU. The rest of his schedule seems pretty tame, which raises a few questions. All are answered though with one fact. He calls Baton Rouge home.

Unknown: Buffalo- Trendon isn't going undefeated.

Analysis: Probably the odds are now in favor of hugme running the table, he could of course trip but his SOS won't be big enough for the championship, but a BCS bowl isn't out of the question.

Mountain West
Rolling: Boise St and Air Force- I have said it from the start, the Mountain West is the toughest conference out there. Now the question lies on can either of these two run the table. Boise's road is much tougher, especially since he still has to play Ohio St. Air Force on the other hand just has one game left against a quality opponent. The showdown versus Nole and Boise.

Unknown: UNLV- Hollywood picked up some easy wins but has a long road to go, he'll be lucky at a bowl game.

Analysis: The big question is this the Year of the Nole. He has two dates set up, against Ohio St and Air Force. Run the table and he be the first non-BCS team to play for the NC. Air Force needs some luck. His SOS will be woeful and will need some serious help to make to the Championship.

Pac 12
Rolling: Oregon St and Stanford- Out west these two teams have been on a run. Winning some big games. Plasma may be the only real threat to run the table though. The Beavers have done it against inferior comepetition and will likely be exposed in the coming weeks. Plasma has never been better than 8-5 however.

Unknown: California, Oregon and Colorado- None of these are likely to win them all. Colorado isn't that great, and neither is Cal. Oregon on the other hand may be one of the best in the country, but his schedule is brutal.

Analysis: The conference has 5 teams left, but none of them have a history of making deep runs. Huskerkev and Oregon has the best shot but his schedule is brutal and he has hasn't even started.

Rolling: South Carolina and Alabama- Both are 5-0 and both are thinking this is their year. Champ hasn't won a trophy in ages, Biffy thinks this year is his time to finally strike Shel when he's weak. Biffy may have gotten through the harder part of his schedule (except for LSU) in spectacular fashion, outscoring his opponents 127-6.

Unknown: None

Analysis: Biffy is just crushing everyone in his path. His defense is brutal. This shoudl be his year. Champ wan't to rekindle some of that past glory but his road is rough ahead. Chances are one of them will run the table.

Sun Belt
Analysis: North Texas isn't running the table.

Chances of three teams going undefeated can happen. But Virginia Tech, Boise/Air Force, and South Carolina/Alabama would all have to do it. If Big Mike gets his act together and does it, then we could be in for trouble, but I don't see that happening. Also, Air Force will likely be a non-factor in the NC race due to his SOS.


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