Coaching Contract - Miami (FL)

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Coaching Contract - Miami (FL)

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Miami Fl A-

Overall Win Goal - 40 Points

Conference Goals
Win Division - 10 Points
Win Conference - 10 Points
Finish Top 2 in Division - 10 Points

Rivalry Games - 30 Points
Florida State
Virginia Tech

Bonus Points:
Road win - 2 points
Beat a ranked team while unranked - 5 points
Beat a ranked team while ranked - 3 points
Win over win goal - 1 point
Win conference with win goal of 5 or less - 10 points
Make a bowl game with a win goal of 2 or less - 10 points

In signing this contract you agree to follow all NDL rules and regulations. To sign this contract please reply to the following:

AIM Address:
E-Mail Address:
Playing Times:
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Re: Coaching Contract - Miami (FL)

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