Read this, yes I mean now not later (a note from you CC)

The Atlantic Coast Conference
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Read this, yes I mean now not later (a note from you CC)

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As you might have guessed I will be your CC this season. We have an interesting mix of coaches as I know a few of you well, so a little bit, and some not at all. I am generally pretty easy to reach, as I will return any message within the day, and often rather quickly.
The best ways to reach me are my personal email or via text, just send me a pm if you want the number to reach me at, or via AIM @ fsupenguin21. I do check the boards and my fsupenguin@msn email daily as well, but after school starts in about I won't see either of those till the evening most days.
I ask that you never fail to bring any issue to asap, and remember that you are 100% responsible for your own actions regardless of what anyone else does.

For now I ask that each of you make sure you have signed your coaching contract, and make sure you include your availability for playing games.
Lastly I ask that by Sunday evening all of you send me a pm listing a predicted order of finish for the ACC, and who you think will win the conference championship game.
AIM : fsupenguin21
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